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Most people consider themselves to be morally good. They generally wish no ill to their fellow human beings, and want others to be healthy and happy. But what about God's definition of "good?" How does He look at our thoughts, words and deeds?

Ultimately, Jesus said that "no one is good except God ALONE." Mark 10:18. To Him, good stands for moral perfection, not comparative niceness.  People protest, "Well, God knows my good intentions even though I mess up occasionally." He does know our every intention, even better than we do ourselves. What we need to know is His standard of good and righteousness.

The Bible teaches plainly what God's expectations are for human thought and behavior. The Moral Law was given to show us His perfect standard and expectation. So, to see how you personally measure up, we need to honestly look at God's Moral Law and how you have kept it.

The first thing to note is that if we have committed ONE violation of God's Law, we are guilty: 

"For whoever keeps the whole Law, yet stumbles in one point, has become guilty of all." James 2:10.

So, the Law says that lying is a sin. How many lies have you told in your life, even if you consider them "small"? If you have, you're a liar.

How many things have you stolen in your life, even if they were of little value? If you have stolen, you are a thief.

Have you ever used the Name of the Lord in vain (uselessly or profanely)? If so, you are a blasphemer.

Have you ever looked at a person to lust after them? Looked at pornography? If so, Jesus said you are guilty of adultery in your heart.

Have you ever held any person or thing in higher regard to you than God? If so, you are an idolater.

Have you ever hated someone in your heart? Wished them misfortune, injury or death? If so, you have committed murder in your heart, and are a murderer in God's sight.

Have you ever coveted (strongly desired the possessions of another)? If so, you are covetous.

It is obvious that by God's standards, we are ALL guilty of breaking many commandments. Only breaking one would condemn us!  Since God's standard is perfection, we as guilty sinners cannot enter heaven, but are bound for the eternal Lake of Fire (Revelation 20:15). What then can we do?

The Good News (Gospel) is that God has provided the way for guilty sinners to be forgiven and receive a complete pardon for our crimes against His Law! Jesus Christ, the Holy sinless Son of God became a man, and through His brutal death on the cross (which is the penalty we all deserve) He paid our debt. His last words from the cross were "It is finished!" John 19:30. Paid in full! "...having canceled the certificate of debt consisting of decrees against us, which was hostile to us; and He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross." Colossians 2:14.

We must:

Believe... That Jesus is all the Bible teaches Him to be

Admit... That we are guilty and cannot save ourselves

 Repent... Change our mind about sin and reject it

 Receive JESUS CHRIST as Lord and Savior by Faith!

Faith is "Deep Abiding Trust"


Hebrews 11:6 Romans 10:9 Acts 3:19 John 1:12


Don't Die Guilty!

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